Condo insurance

Condo insurance

Condominium ownership offers a distinctive blend of home ownership and community living, prompting thoughtful reflection on budget, location, and style. Opting to invest in a condo transcends financial considerations, embodying the dreams and goals of individuals and families seeking a particular lifestyle. Embarking on this journey entails significant financial commitments spanning years. Before diving into this exciting chapter, it’s vital to grasp and safeguard your investment with suitable condo insurance coverage.

Condo owners need insurance for various reasons, mainly to protect their investment. Unlike traditional homeownership, where the owner is responsible for the dwelling and land, owning a condominium involves both individual ownership and shared responsibility for common areas. This unique ownership setup requires insurance that covers personal belongings, fixtures, liability for incidents within the unit or shared spaces. While the condo association’s policy covers exterior and common areas, it typically excludes interiors of individual units and personal items. Therefore, condo insurance is crucial to fill these coverage gaps and prevent financial strains from damage, theft, or legal obligations.

Navigating insurance options may feel overwhelming, but not when you’re working with our team of knowledgeable insurance advisors. We’re here to simplify the complex and are committed to ensuring you make informed decisions that match your current needs and future goals. Whether you’re insuring your first condo or seeking a comprehensive solution to protect your assets, choose Globalex for coverage that goes beyond the usual. Click below to start your condo insurance quote with Globalex.

Why Choose Globalex?

The Globalex condo team follows all current events with regard to the condo market.

We provide information sessions and invite all stakeholders to assist in order to keep everyone well informed on what is going on in the condo marketplace. These sessions are free and available on weekends to all those interested, clients or not.

Understanding Your Needs


Our detailed forensic analysis provides us with a proper need assessment allowing us to better serve you.

We provide all new clients with a detailed inspection outlining possible risk factors and potential solutions to help reduce the risk of a claim

Inspection & Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our loss prevention team is available to help find risk management solutions for those interested in being proactive in reducing or mitigating the risks of potential claims


Our specialized claims team is available ensuring a quick and fair settlement. Condominium claims can be complicated however we pride ourselves on having highly specialized professionals available to provide the best service possible.

We specialize in covering:

  • Condos with short term rental (i.e. Airbnb)
  • Condotels
  • Commercial condos
  • Residential condos